Neeme village

Neeme is an old fishing village in Jõelähtme Parish, Harju County in northern Estonia, at the tip of Ihasalu peninsula, about 40 km from Tallinn city centre.

The village, founded in 1560, borders on Ihasalu Bay in the West, Kaberneeme Bay in the East and the Finnish Gulf in the North.

Today, Neeme has a school, a kindergarten, a cultural centre, a library, a shop, a pub and a marina.

Muide, kohalikud käänavad küla nime just nii: kus? – ikka Neemes!


The old village around the present village centre was mainly built during the First Estonian Republic as well as the Soviet era. To the West from the village centre there are more recent neighbourhoods, among them Kadakaranna.

The building of the present cultural centre (Neeme rahvamaja) that formerly housed the local elementary school is a good example of Estonian pre-war school architecture. It was designed by architect August Volberg between 1934 and 1936 in the traditionalist style with functionalist elements typical in the 1930s.

The village shop & cafe (Neeme Pood & Kohvik) and the village pub (Wana Kala Kõrts) as well as the bus stop are in the village centre. To go to the village marina or to the tip of the peninsula, continue straight from the roundabout in front of the village shop.


Not far from Kai Hotell, there is a beachfront called Läänerand (the Western Beach). It is perfect for swimming and sunbathing, with a view to  Prangli and Aksi islands on the horizon, and epic sunsets almost all year round. To the right, you can see a lighthouse on the very tip of Ihasalu peninsula: Uitru säär. The safest route there is through the village centre.
To the South-West from the Western beach there is a small peninsula called Lühitneem, with a view to the bay and the Gulf of Finland.
Another scenic beach is on the eastern coast of the penisula. To go there, please follow the signs to “Neeme lasteaed” (Neeme kindergarten) from the village centre.


The tip of the peninssula, Uitru säär, with an old lighthouse is worth exploring.

A small side road takes you to the neighbouring Ihasalu village, East / South East from Neeme. It is a perfect hiking destination (a 7–10 km hike depending on the route).

The light traffic road will take you all the way to the scenic Jägala waterfall, about 11 km south from Neeme. On the way to the waterfall, you might want to have a look at Linnamäe Hydro Electric Power Station and the bridge over Jägala River near Jõesuu.


Arriving by car would certainly be best if you would like to use your time here to the maximum, stop for some sightseeing on your way here or drive around a bit. If you plan to opt for a taxi, please bear in mind that it might be wise to order the taxi back to Tallinn well beforehand. There is a direct bus (159) to and from Tallinn three times a day on weekdays. On weekends, the bus will take you to Jõelähtme, where you would have to change bus to reach Tallinn. We invite you to check the Tallinn and Harjumaa route planner and timetables when planning your trip.